If you're about to throw in the towel on your Google Ads, stop! Running Google Ads can be both rewarding and frustrating. In this post, we feature best practices in writing a winning Google Ad copy.

We seem to have forgotten that it isn't a magic wand. You need to work at it and continue working on it. That's the beauty of digital marketing; it isn't final just because you've launched it. However, while it's good to know you can tweak it, it has led to a lack of discipline in writing a winning copy amongst others.

1. Statistics

Where relevant, incorporate statistics in your headline. For example, "How to write a winning copy: 3 words you must-have in any headline." People have a fascination with statistics. It makes a statement more scientific. This lends authority and credibility.

2. Pain points

Why do people Google? They are looking for answers to a problem or pain point they have. As such, when you lead a copy with a description of these pain points, there's a greater chance of capturing their attention. You can place them in your headlines, extensions or description. Wherever you place them, make sure it can be easily spotted.

3. Emotional triggers connect better

Emotions play a big part in the buying decision. Some people choose to see this as the irrational side of buying behaviour. But the reality is people are emotional creatures. When emotional words are embedded in your copy, you will be speaking to their hearts and minds, where the marketing battle is won or lost.

4. Benefits sell, features tell

This applies to off-line and on-line marketing. People are only interested in the outcome of your solution to their pain. Will it stimulate hair growth or kills weed permanently? Feature the benefits of your solution in the copy. In doing so, you've made it easier for your target audience to decide if you're the right solution.

Google Ads is an important part of your digital marketing Canberra campaign. To succeed, there are best practices to emulate. Let us walk you through them. Schedule a meeting here.

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