You don't have to be a pro copywriter to produce attention-grabbing headlines. There are fundamental steps you can apply to pull your target audience towards your Google Ad copy with a headline that turns heads. It can be challenging given only 1 in 5 will make it past the headline. But with these steps, you'll stand the chance of breaking this statistic with your next Google Ad.

1. Why should they read your copy?

Your headline must address this question. In other words, spell out the benefit of your offer. Your target audience's antenna is focused on a solution to a problem. It's the reason they are Googling to begin with. By being as explicit as you can in highlighting the benefit of your solution, your chances of stopping them in their tracks multiply significantly.

2. Shock and awe

You've only got one shot with your headline. If it doesn't shock and awe, it's failed to do the job. Use power words, a common tactic of pro copywriters helps. These words play on the psychological and emotional sides of people. For example, "3 Little Known Morning Routines of Billionaire Entrepreneurs". Who doesn't want to be a billionaire? Who doesn't struggle with their mornings? Who doesn't want to start the day well? And there are just 3 three things they need to do.

3. A headline is a gateway

Why is it important to take note of this? You may have written a brilliant headline. People are drawn to it and wish to learn more. Unfortunately, the rest of the copy doesn't match the promise embedded in the headline. You risk turning people off or confusing them. Like a good novel, there must be a seamless flow from one chapter to the next.

4. Proofread your headline

The first impression counts. "Tree little known morning routines of billionaires" isn't likely to be perceived with any credibility. The reader knows it should read "3" but isn't likely to take it seriously with a glaring spelling error. Proofread your headline.

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