How to choose a CTA to improve campaign effectiveness

How do you choose CTAs you've used in your Google Ads campaign? Is there a best practice of choosing a CTA? Which of these do you reckon contributes towards higher conversion? If you're guilty of leaving the choice of CTA to the last, read on. In developing a campaign, most of the thinking and effort is directed towards the offer, copy and measurement of outcome. The humble CTA tends is given little attention. But they have a part to play.

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In this post, we share some guides you can use to help you decide on the most appropriate CTA for your next campaign. Hopefully, it will generate a positive result.

1. Be strategic

If you're running multiple campaigns, you may be tempted to use a similar CTA for all, if the choice of CTA has not been part of the strategic discussion. At a time when personalisation holds the key to unlocking the minds of consumers, personalising the choice of CTA to the target audience, message and desired outcome can determine the success of the campaign. Just remember different folks, different triggers.

2. Be specific

5,000 ads! <a href="">That's the number of ads people are exposed to daily</a>. Can you imagine the mess in our heads? If you aren't careful, your ad risks adding to the mess. It's not unusual to see an ad that is littered with multiple goals and CTAs. This omnibus approach may sound effective. But in reality, it confuses. What do you truly want the target audience to buy into?

3. Embed your CTA in the copy

It's good practice to embed your CTA in the copy. It's a gentle push into their subconscious of what you'd like them to do at the end. By the time they get to the actual CTA, it will seem almost natural what the next step ought to be.

The CTA is the final word in your ad. Hence, its choice is a strategic decision. Ready to brainstorm your next CTA? Call us now!

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